Caricature Artist Drawing for Events/Parties in Northern VA

Corporate Event



This group of 8 met me at the St. Regis lounge to celebrate their success over the past year. They wanted the image to depict the 2 partners in the front, and the employees centered around them, all of them connected. I only had 2 hours to complete the image with them there. The remainder of the drawing was completed in the studio.

Family reunion


At family reunions people come from far and wide, often having not seen each other for many years. Sitting there drawing, I got to hear many stories. My aim was to create a fabric of them all there together in one image. This drawing took about 4 1/2 hours to complete and was all done on site.

Birthday party


This image was drawn live for a 65th birthday reunion in a private room at a restaurant. When there are this many people, it’s like putting a puzzle together. It evolves, family units grouped next to each other. I have to be thinking and connecting in each moment with the model and partially thinking ahead in how it will work as a whole image. Some of the background of the room interior was included to hold the memory of the time and place. Most of it was drawn in the 5 hours we had with a couple more hours of polishing up in the studio.



Live Event Chalk Drawing 2

Live Event Chalk Drawing 3

Being a courtroom artist as well as caricaturist, sometimes I get a chance to combine those 2 skills. This this case I was asked to do court style drawings at a press event that camera’s were banned at. There were many Hollywood notables there who were happy to attend with a greater sense of ease knowing they wouldn’t be photographed. The club was packed and dimly lit, so I stood on a bench all evening capturing anyone would came within eye-shot.